An Affordable City

Too many people are feeling stressed and stretched in today’s reality. City council can take steps to make life more affordable for Regina families.

  • Property Taxes - Currently, Regina homeowners pay a larger share than businesses compared to most Canadian jurisdictions. We need to examine property taxes and look for ways to make sure the system is equitable and fair and find ways to save money for Regina homeowners.  
  • Affordable housing - City council can do more to expand affordable housing in Regina, including strengthening tax incentives and regulation as well as taking steps to ensure that landlords are providing housing that is safe and healthy to live in. 
  • Homelessness - We need to deal with growing homelessness in the city by providing increased funding to Housing First homelessness initiatives so we can get more people off the street and into homes. 
  • Water Bills - We need to change to a billing structure that is based on consumption which awards conservation and saves most people money on their water bills.
  • Improve city infrastructure projects by ending the use of P3s and create more local jobs by enacting policies that award projects to companies that employ local people and pay a living wage.