An Inclusive City

We can create a more inclusive community that not only embraces diversity, but that draws strength from it.

We can make Regina a more inclusive city for everyone by:

  • Following the recommendations and supporting the implementation of Reconciliation Regina’s community action plan.
  • Addressing racism as a community starts with confronting the problem. City council should establish a mechanism for residents to bring forward allegations of racism within the City of Regina including its facilities, staff and all services delivered by the city. 
  • By partnering with community organizations, we can improve settlement for newcomers and make Regina more welcoming by strengthening orientation programs and providing materials about city programs and services in additional languages.
  • Make Regina more accessible by improving services and ensuring that all infrastructure plans take accessibility into account. Also, we should support the work Age Friendly Regina is doing for youth and seniors in our city. 
  • Community members should have regular opportunities to be involved in Council's decision-making process and advisory committees are commonly used in many Canadian cities, including Saskatoon, as a means to accomplish this goal. To start, we could benefit from advisory committees in the following areas: sustainability, affordability, vibrancy, safety and inclusivity.