A Safe City

Regina should be a place where we all feel safe living and raising our families. There are some concrete actions we can take to make Regina a safer place to live:

  • Creating a partnership between council, police, community organizations and residents to assess root causes of crime in Regina and make a long-term plan to address them. 
  • The city needs to work with the provincial and federal governments on an action plan to address our addictions and mental health crises with policies that include expanding prevention, treatment, enforcement and harm reduction. This needs to include concrete plans to deal with the crystal meth and opioid problems facing our community. 
  • Exploring the possibility of joining or replicating the City of Grande Prairie’s class-action lawsuit against opioid companies.
  • We need increased funding and cooperation among all levels of government for gang diversion strategies. 
  • We need to put an end to slum landlords providing inadequate housing in our city with stricter rules and enforcement. We can help achieve this by getting rental properties inspected and licensed to make sure they meet minimum standards. We can also explore the Crime Free Multi Housing program used in Saskatoon and other jurisdictions by starting with a pilot project here.