A Sustainable City

The city of Regina passed a motion to make Regina a 100% renewable energy city by 2050. We can achieve this goal while creating many new green jobs.

To make this a reality, we should:

  • Prioritize infill and re-development and establish sustainability requirements for construction which include: energy efficiency, minimizing tree removal, a plan for green spaces and incentives for renewable energy infrastructure. 
  • Together with SaskPower, we need to expand the generation of renewable power including the revival of a net-metering program. Additionally, we should establish grants to help organizations and individuals transition to renewable energy in Regina. 
  • Complete energy audits of all city properties and enact a plan for retrofits to improve energy efficiency and sustainability. 
  • We need to do a better job of implementing plans for improving public transit. Work has started on a Transit Master Plan but we can’t wait until it's done. We need to make improvements to transit now. A first step could be providing free transit for all school-aged kids when school buses are cancelled. 
  • We can cut waste and reduce costs with more ambitious recycling and composting for individuals, businesses and industry.
  • End the use of cosmetic pesticides.