A Vibrant City

We need to build on the City of Regina Recreation Master Plan to make our city a vibrant and active community for everyone. 

Some steps we can take are:

  • Ensure the city responds to resident inquiries in a timely fashion and takes residents’ concerns seriously. Repairing and maintaining our infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, snow removal, pipes, clearing debris from drains, etc.) will help us to become a more visually appealing and vibrant city.
  • As we plan our city's recovery from COVID-19, I will prioritize building a strong local economy by utilizing tax incentives and exploring other means to support local businesses and increase local manufacturing and production. 
  • Invest in parks and green spaces across the city and establish a volunteer committee to oversee the coordination and continued development of community gardens throughout Regina. We can also expand bicycle infrastructure and increase the number of off-leash dog parks.
  • Increase funding to community associations. We should also expand indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities, from playgrounds and splash parks to sports facilities. We also need to continually improve access to affordable or free recreation programs for all citizens of Regina, especially young people and underrepresented community members. 
  • Support the development of the city’s Municipal Cultural Plan. Also,  create a city-wide beautification plan for our community, which includes hiring teams of people to clean up garbage, commissioning murals from local artists and creating incentives to develop vacant buildings. We can also save on mowing costs by planting wildflowers where possible.